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Yesim Gig Cancelled

Hi folks, apologies to those planning to come to the Yesim Patisserie gig tonight (19th September 2014) - it's just been cancelled. More music soon! Hope everyone's well :)

Next Mailing List Mail-Out Out Soon!

Don't be put off by that poorly written title with its proliferation of 'mail' and 'out' - we are capable of really good writing here at jakemanning.com. And one of the main places in which we showcase our good writing is in the kind-of-just-about-every-two-months-ish mail-out to our Mailing List Amigos.

The mail-out contains a brief summary of stuff that has happened in the world of Jake Manning since the last mail-out, what's happening next, and importantly - A FREE SOMETHING GIVEAWAY! In the last mail-out, Jennifer Thompson of Nottingham won a free copy of STANDTCTN. Having taken possession of her prize at a gig shortly afterwards, Jennifer wrote - without provocation - "great gig last night, and I've already been singing along to The Mutineer this morning in the car on my prize CD (not that I would've minded paying £3.50 anyway...bargain!)". That's without provocation.

If you'd like the opportunity to win a prize and get some free good writing every sort-of-two-months-all-being-well, then just scroll to the top of the page, click the Mailing List tab and get involved!

Ont' Sofa, Ont' Video, Ont' Internet

As part of his Yorkshire adventures, next week Jake is be off to 'record a session' with the wonderful Ont' Sofa boys! In this case 'record a session' is simply flash talk for sitting on a sofa and playing a song or two in front of a proper expensive video camera, and some microphones.

"Is this a good thing?" you may be asking yourself - the answer is: yes. How are you going to capture sound and video without a camera and microphones?! And you'd look pretty stupid crouched over an empty space where a sofa should be. Check out their You Tube Channel - these boys have got all the gear AND all the idea!

York Talk

After a brief stint in Manchester, dance capital of the 1990s, Jake has now moved to York, marching 10,000 men up and down a hill capital of nursery rhymes.

Highlights from Manchester included two back to back 2 hour shows and an appearance at the Tramlines Festival... in Sheffield. It was a brilliant few weeks, and Jake can't wait to come back (in fact he'll be back later this month at the Roadhouse).

But right now, it's 100 mile an hour York Talk, and a couple of awesome looking months travelling and playing around the county. Jake has his busiest week of the year so far in August, with 5 shows in 7 days, so you're going to have to try pretty hard to miss him.

Transcending the Physical World

"Thoughts are things!" Someone once said, quite famously. Well, here at jakemanning.com we can tell you that also - "things are thoughts".

We know this because Jake's debut CD - "Schemes That Are Not Doomed To Come To Nothing", or "STANDTCTN" for short - now exists as a digital download 'thought', where it was once only a plastic based 'thing'. That's right ladies and gentlemen, you can now download Jake's CD from the following thought production facilities:


Amazon MP3

CD Baby

PS for anyone not sure whether a digital download does actually constitute a 'thought' - just believe it does, this news piece works much better that way. Cheers.

A Night At The Museum!

Following applications from open-mic-ers across the country, Jake is extremely excited to be one of ten musicians who have been chosen to play at the Natural History Museum in London on the 29th June!

Part of the Natural History Museum’s "Lates" evenings, each musician has a 15 minute slot, and Jake is on from 19.40 – 19.55. He will be playing in the Central Hall, in front of the statue of Darwin, trying to look like a reasonable example of human evolution.

Admission is COMPLETELY FREE, so turn again dear reader, and come along to an amazing night of music, in an incredible venue, where the streets are paved with gold!

For more info, check out the Lates Blog.

Goodbye Leicestershire, Hello Wales-tershire

After a fantastic few months which saw the release of his debut CD, the launch of the website you are currently experiencing, and a string of super-fun gigs in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough, Jake has done one.

He arrived in North Wales at the beginning of the month to begin work on a recording project, but has so far mostly been sneaking off to ingratiate himself with the music loving audiences of Mold, Ruthin and Chester. He will shortly be in big trouble.

Debut CD, "Schemes That Are Not Doomed to Come to Nothing" Out Now!!!

Yep, that's right folks, Jake's long awaited debut CD is out and available. Finally, his automatic response to any question about recording ("Yep, I'm working on it!") can be consigned to the annals of history.

It was a trip to the incredible Wolftone Studios in London to work with Joseph Hartwell Jones that succeeded where a year recording in a bedroom wardrobe had failed. Having engineered on the latest Florence and the Machine album and worked with some giants of the music industry (including Adele, Friendly Fires and Paul McCartney), working with Joe was an incredible opportunity, and he did a fantastic job as Producer on "Schemes" (without a single wardrobe)!

We asked Jake how he felt about his new recordings. He told us, "Yep, I'm working on it!". That automatic response is gonna take a little while to slacken off...

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